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This was the first activity book that I published and the first book that I published where I had to use a lot of pictures and tables and so on. I took a course in how to make puzzle and activity books and how to publish them and put them on sale. This was the result of that course. The theme came from when I was deciding what to do the book on and came up with 'animals'. Then I thought it has probably been done a thousand times so I went with mythical beings instead. It was a lot of learning by doing. I did 10 different kinds of puzzles. It was a full time job for me for a whole week to make that book.

The idea with it was for people to take it with them on road trips or some other trips where you have spare time with nothing to do and feel bored. I had a good time making it and people have told me they had fun doing the puzzles. If you want it you can buy it on Amazon.

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